A Little Light planning

Kings seed Catalogue

It’s still raining here and the puddles are getting bigger and deeper and more pond like in the paddock. The sheep are very happy mooching around and the cheeky little Pukekoes are just adoring this inclement weather. They love splashing around in puddles on their awkward red legs; such a geeky, gawky bird!

I forgot to mention in my last post that there is something other than Sorting and Trying Something New that I like to do when it’s rainy; I like Planning. Nothing pleases me more than a little Light Planning aka Dreaming. I always have a notebook of some description ready to be filled with my thoughts and wonderings. Here is my latest one:

Notebook Inside Note Book

Not what you were expecting? It’s a little Retro isn’t it?! It’s been upcycled from an old recipe book; old pages have been included throughout the book amongst the new pages. My hubbie, Mr Fig, bought it for me as I have a bit of a thing about herbs. My Planning today is all about Spring!


I have lots of new ideas for my garden this Spring. I was delighted to receive my new copy of the latest Kings Seeds catalogue; I’ve clocked up a sizeable list of seeds to buy already. I find that I go through phases with flowers; especially certain colours. For the last two years I’ve gone mad for lime green and orange; pairing Zinnia Giant Lime with orange crepe poppies and calendulas with Bells of Ireland. I noticed after browsing through this catalogue that spiky purple flowers were On My Mind. We have a circular bed in the middle of our drive; the Roundabout Bed (or the drives-me-round-the-bend bed). It’s a bit of a conundrum for me so I’ve been very slowly (4 years worth of slowly) taking out plants and paring it back to a bare canvas. I found quite a few limestone rocks hiding under the agapanthas and Mr Fig very kindly went off with the trailer to procure a few more to edge part of the roundabout bed. What a difference! I don’t have Before and after photos but the purple spiky plants are the next addition to reinvent this bed so I will be photographing my progress from now on. Here are my purple spiky contenders….

I’m particularly taken with the Agastache since it has a lovely minty scent which I will benefit from every time I amble through the trying-hard-to-be-a-bluebell-wood path to feed the chickens. I also love the thought of anise with it’s culinary possibilities (great in fruit salads and teas). Decisions, decisions…. Here are a few more of my flower choices for 2013 including the Snail Vine that I can envisage scrambling over the back gate and arch of the vege garden wafting it’s gorgeous scent all over the veges! I love a bit of wafting! There’ll be a bit more scrambling action with Peach Melba Nasturtiums too; who can resist that yummy pudding name?

I have lots and lots of herbs but I still can’t resist adding to my herb beds with Alchemilla mollis. I was inspired by the wonderful blog Life in Mud Spattered Boots to plant Alchemilla molis with Globe artichokes and feverfew; just gorgeous.

Alchemilla Molis

These herbs look a bit interesting too…..

I grow so many veges from seed that it’s a bit overwhelming to picture them all. Therefore I’m going to show you my Ones To watch for 2013. These are ones that I haven’t grown before and am therefore not just a little but excited about! Gobstopper size carrots, mini white cucumbers and strawberry spinach. Yes spinach pickled with tiny little strawberries; both cucumbers and strawberry spinach will be perfect for my Pimm’s Bed.

Mmmm I can see it all now; a riot of colour and scent. Will be interesting to see just how my Planning turns out in Practice!!

10 thoughts on “A Little Light planning

  1. You are obviously having great fun with your planning and have inspired me to do the same! I suppose there is fashion in gardening as well as in clothes so each year we are drawn to different colour schemes. I am currently introducing more pink into my garden. I suppose I have been influenced by the ‘vintage’ craze. The latest rose bush to fall into that category is called ‘silver shadow’. It has a pink centre and a faded silvery edge and it is on my list for the autumn. However!!! I don’t know where I will put it because the garden is already full up!

    • Silver Shadow sounds gorgeous! My favourite rose is Heaven Scent. It has pale lavender petals and the most glorious scent. It’s in my drives-me-round-the-bend bed and will look lovely with whichever purple spiky plant I choose πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve grown a round carrot (Parmex) in a green tub in the greenhouse this year and they have been a huge success in terms of growing and also with the Mudlets. I will be sowing some more in fresh compost tomorrow as we have now had them all πŸ˜‰ At least we still have the ‘normal’ carrots which are growing really well in the beds.

    I love planning for spring in the winter, makes it seem a little nearer somehow πŸ™‚

    • Yes I thought the Figlets (my children!) would enjoy the novelty value too! That’s part of the reason I grow veges; love seeing the kids getting involved and knowing where their food comes from πŸ™‚ Enjoy your gardening tomorrow!

  3. I want a Pimms Bed! What do the strawberry spinach fruits taste like? If I had a Pimm’s Bed I think I’d put borage in there too.
    Thanks for the link – I’d like to say the bed of feverfew, alchemilla mollis and globe artichokes was planned but it was actually a lucky mix of planting and self seeding. Often the way I find.

    • The Spinach Strawberry is one of my New Experiments so I really don’t know! Yes, borage will be part of the bed too….can’t resist those blue flowers nestling alongside cucumber and strawberries!

    • Yes I love Spring! I hope my plans come to fruition….. πŸ™‚ I can be a bit ambitious sometimes….
      I thought of you the other day when I happened upon a nz website that sells sourdough starter. Thought I might give it a go!

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